Why Trees Matter

Written by cres
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There seems to be a disruption in our ecosystem. This has become an urgent issue for us to show concern for our world and how the destruction of trees has an unfavorable effect on the human race. Why can't the destruction of trees be stopped? Why do we allow it to bring damage to the earth?

Increasing human populations need a home. Our industries needs trees. Trees are the backbone of growth and development of nations. Trees are being used as raw materials in the production of paper products and other consumer items.

A small disruption in our environment effects the lives of all living organisms below and above the ground. This is the place where it cradles the living species of plants and animals. This degradation in our mountains is like a virus that started killing the very fabric of our existence. It affects the quality of life we ought to protect. Many people don't understand how trees took part in the protection of our lives and what benefits can trees give us.

Trees gives support to life. Fruits are a main source of subsistence for animals and humans. Trees save lives. Trees are important in the quest of finding a cure in all our illnesses. The medicines that we are taking today are often the result of the contribution of trees for the protection of life. How we can afford to live when we neglect protecting our forests against deforestation? Why do we allow people to destroy the important elements of nature that give life and protection?

Trees improve the quality of the air we breath. It helps eliminate carbon, a harmful substance and other pollutants that continued harassing our natural environment. Our forest is important in the development of rain and replenish what has been lacking in our atmosphere. It provides us water. No one lives without the presence of water. All living organisms, plants and animals and humans and those living underground were dependent on it.

The inconsistent period of long drought can attest how water is needed for us to live. It cools and regulates the climate of the earth. The presence of trees is the haven of all microorganisms to make the soil fertile. The dry leaves that falls to the ground became the covers to protect the soil from dryness and the life that lives below it. Fallen fruits become the food of animals who relied only what was fallen to the ground.

Trees prevents erosion of land. It protects landslides. The overabundant of water during rainy season cause it to overflow destroying all the lands without trees, damaging crops and industries because no one can protect them. The occurrence of landslide brings havoc to the people living below it. The soft soil is the cause why landslide become a threat to life. If trees were present, it can hold and protect it.

The more people living in our world, the more they destruct our forest. The overpopulation in our cities increases the demand of lumber for shelter. Those farmers without a land started occupying the uninhabited forest and cultivate it. This is the root of deforestation and has no easy answer how to avoid it to happen.

If the poor population cannot find a better job in the cities, the land in the forest is there only hope that will rescue them from their difficult times. If they push more, the degree of destruction increases as they move on. Human interference of our forest help the land to be denuded with trees. Most farmers living in his land use the slash and burn method of farming to be the easiest and effective way to do the clearing of land. They can immediately do the planting after it was burned out completely.

After many years of cultivation, if they find that the land they tilled no longer fertile, they opened another portion in the forest for their new settlement living the infertile land without any cover. They did not even replace what has been taken out. Reforestation is one way of healing the forest. But farmers misunderstand their role as protector and keeper. Burning may deplete the nutrients of the soil killing those little organisms that help develop trees in the forest. The trees that fell to the ground was wasted as it was also included in the burning.

The logging industry take a big lead in the destruction of our forest. The need of disposable products from their own industries cut the bigger portion of destroying the trees irresponsibly. They manipulated the forest resources abundantly and without restriction.

Deforestation become one of the environmental problem that we are facing today. It jeopardizes our very own lives, the loss of biodiversity and the climatic change that happen in our atmosphere.

Ignoring the problem, human beings will have to face severity of consequences as the result in destroying our trees. The existence of forest help to assist the delicate balance of our environment. If we continue destroying it then we also destroying our very own lives and the future of our children in their generation.

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