Yard Care Tips

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Yard care tips that come from residential landscaping experts may help the weekend gardener prioritize yard work according to the seasonal requirements of trees, shrubs, and plants. Often, gardening columns in newspapers and magazines, and online landscaping companies, have month-by-month yard care tips designed to keep your property looking tidy and healthy. Gardening is cyclical, and each season has its preparation of soil and plants, cleanup of leaves and plant debris, and planting of bulbs, annuals, or shrubs.

If you don't have time to commit to the full-time job of caring for your garden, look into yard care companies that can do the overall planning for fertilizer programs, pruning, and design revisions. These companies have the expertise--and time--to take good care of your yard so it remains lush and well-kept. Leave the fun activities, such as putting new flowering plants into the ground, for your weekend enjoyment!

Seasonal Yard Care Tips

Whenever the danger of frost is over in your area, the spring planting season begins. Whenever the heat of summer subsides, and a distinct chill comes with night air, fall cleanup and planting starts. Spring and autumn are fine seasons for gardening because the extremes of weather and temperature tend to come with winter and summer.

Falling leaves in autumn should be gathered and mulched; lawns should be fertilized two or three times to prepare them for harsh weather in winter and new growth in spring. Autumn is a great time to plant trees, shrubs, and certain bulbs, so they can establish a deep, healthy root system before summer heat comes along. Yard care tips from the many expert gardeners in print and online can help you schedule your landscape maintenance, or professional yard managers can apply their expertise to caring for all the needs of your yard.

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