Animal Vacuums

Written by Dina Kayed
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Animal fur is believed by many to be a chief cause of allergic reactions. The fact is, however, that the problem is not with the pet's fur but rather with the allergens concealed in its skin and saliva. When a pet sheds dander or licks itself, those particles stick to its fur. People tend to be more allergic to cats than they are to dogs. That is why proper pet grooming is so important, and all pet owners should have a system in place for grooming their pets, as well as all the necessary tools.

Animals and Allergies

Other common pets such as gerbils and guinea pigs can also cause a significant cause of allergic reactions. Usually their urine is the source of allergic reactions. Most people don't even notice they are allergic to their pets till as much as a year or two has passed. Even after you get rid of the pet causing your allergies, it may still take up to six months for all your symptoms to settle down, as traces of the pet's dander or urine will still be circulating in your home.

The best way to minimize dander and saliva from your pet is by brushing and bathing it on a regular basis. This will minimize pet allergies because less dander and fur will be left to accumulate on your furniture. You will need a good vacuum cleaner that has superior lifting power to capture even the smallest particles of dander and fur. Some vacuums can even be used for grooming the pets themselves. This will usually require the purchase of a separate kit, but can be worth it in the long run.

Animal vacuums should contain a strong brush roll or beater brush to separate the fur and dirt from the surface. Make sure you can use it on hardwood floors as well. It should be easy to maneuver because pet hair and dander tends to settle in places that are difficult to reach such as corners. It is probably best to buy a vacuum that has a hose.

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