Backpack Vacuums

Written by Dina Kayed
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The age of backpack vacuums is one where housework is made as easy as humanly possible with the help of wonderful manmade inventions. The powerful backpack vacuum, which is efficient at drawing dirt and dust out from wherever it can be found, is just one example of how life has changed for men and women who might have had very different lives had they been born a couple of centuries ago.

Chores in the old days were far from pleasant. Sweeping was the only way to get anything clean, whether your carpet or your chimney. Poets of the time wrote about the hardships that the poor endured trying to make life clean for themselves as well as those they worked for. William Blake once wrote a poem about chimney sweeps; you can't help but feel sorry for them. Their way of life was so difficult. Sweeping has never been an agreeable experience. The act of sweeping stirs up clouds of dust or whatever is being swept up, so that it is blown into the sweeper's eyes and nose. Furthermore, sweeping is not really an efficient way to clean since dirt is circulated into the air, simply to go and settle somewhere else. Dust has always been a common household enemy. It ruins furniture and leaves the place with a stale odor. Mankind has always been on the lookout for a better, easier way to clean.

The Invention of Vacuum Cleaners

A housekeeping revolution occurred in the 19th century when the vacuum cleaner was invented. To begin with, there were a few problems which made the new invention difficult and cumbersome to use. For a start, it was so heavy it needed two men to operate it. The first vacuum did not just suck the dust in: it blew it back out, everywhere! This is why initially a long hose was added to the vacuum so it could reach anywhere inside the house while the actual vacuum cleaner stayed outside.

Hubert Booth came up with a new idea; he added a filter to help contain the dust inside the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum units were modified to suck away dust rather than blow it everywhere. Even with these dramatic improvements, it was still difficult to use the new invention. It was still too big, too heavy and had to be operated by hand.

In 1906 came the idea of using water to keep the dust from settling back onto the floors and furniture. This method was not very efficient because it was a hassle to keep changing the dirty water. Shortly after that the idea of using cloth to keep down the dust was introduced. By 1907 the vacuum cleaner had come a long way, but still more improvements were not far off on the horizon.

Health Impact of Dust

Many respiratory problems can be caused by dust particles in the air we breathe. One of the most common illnesses caused by dust is asthma. Dust may also carry viruses and microbes which can cause many different diseases and allergies. Not everyone's immune system is sensitive to dust, but those who have sensitive systems may have a reaction with dust that causes the immune system to respond.

There is a strong link between illness and indoor dust, which consists of many tiny particles which transfer indoors when people or pets come in and out of the house. Some types of dust particles might simply come from within the house itself. Dust particles come in different shapes and sizes and may cause many symptoms such as eye irritation, nose or throat congestion, and they can also make it very hard to breathe. A way to clean dirt and dust so that none, or very little, is returned to the atmosphere is the ideal for both health and your home.

Vacuum Cleaner Components

The different components that make up a vacuum cleaner are basically the same for any type or model. The electric motor operates the unit. You will also find a fan inside, which is an essential part of the vacuum's suction. A filter is installed in every vacuum cleaner to keep the dust in when the air is cycled out of the unit. The dust is thus trapped inside a dust bag.

There are many different types of vacuum cleaners available today, so it's very important that you choose well. Issues for consideration are the vacuum's power, maneuverability, and whether it scratches floors if you have areas that are not carpeted. In the years since its invention, the vacuum cleaner has been modified and improved many times to suit everyone's needs.

The backpack vacuum is the latest of all the inventions affecting the original invention of the vacuum cleaner. It is highly efficient, very convenient, and easy to use and clean. While you're using your 21st century backpack vacuum, don't forget to spare a thought for those who had to keep houses and other buildings clean back in the days when sweeping was the only way.

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