Canister Vacuums

Written by Dina Kayed
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A canister vacuum cleaner has a long hose to reach inaccessible corners. It is easy to use on any kind of surface, including precious hardwood floors and carpets, as long as your carpets are not too big. You can use a canister vacuum cleaner on your stairs because its long hose should reach the top easily. You can even use one to clean your drapes and ceilings.

Why a Canister Vacuum Cleaner?

Canister vacuum cleaners are light, easy to maneuver and easy to store. You could easily put it away in the small closet under the stairs or any other small space. Some canister vacuum cleaners are odor resistant. This means there's less likelihood of the filter bag smelling, even after it gets full.

Fringed rugs need a gentle vacuum cleaner, especially your valuable antique rugs. A canister vacuum cleaner can clean them without ruining them. An upright would pull the fringes out. Floor surfaces are often very sensitive; they can get scratched easily. A canister vacuum can clean your hardwood floors or limestone without harming the surface.

When you open a canister vacuum up, you will find a motor, which is the vital part of the vacuum. There will also be a filter, a dust bag and an electrical cord. These parts are covered with a filter cover, a motor cover and an on/off switch. Attached to the body of the machine you will find a hose with a power head switch, power head motor, drive belt and a beater bar. These are the basic components of any canister vacuum cleaner.

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