Central Vacuum Accessories

Written by Michael Federico
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Central vacuum accessories have helped usher in the new era of vacuum cleaners. They are machines that are not simply designed to make the carpet look better, but to clean the house from floor to ceiling. They take into consideration environmental and health issues, as well.

Some of the most popular Central vacuum accessories are attachment hoses. They enable a vacuum cleaner to effectively treat a variety of fabric, and of course, to extend its reach. Many of the hoses come with hose hangers for easy storage. Hoses can be especially helpful in an office or industrial setting. Their reach can cut a room, or at least its cleaning time, in half.

Prices for Central Vacuum Accessories

While the hoses, most of which sell for around $45.00, are common attachments, there are other lesser-known Central vacuum accessories that are effective and affordable. A quilted or padded Vac Sock can be bought for $35.00 to $40.00. This removes dust from furniture and woodwork without damaging them. Vacuum bags ranging from $12.79 to $19.99 fit different models of vacuum, and some can strongly reduce the amount of dust particles that are often just moved from one place to another during vacuuming.

These prices may vary depending on which website one shops. However, there are sites dedicated to carrying all the Central vacuum accessories that are offered at a minimal mark-up. Like ordering anything on the web, some service charges and delivery fees may apply. Some sites offer deals on specific vacuum products from time to time, so it doesn't hurt to check them regularly.

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