Central Vacuum Supplies

Written by Michael Federico
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Central vacuum supplies can take an ordinary vacuum cleaner and turn it into a multipurpose cleaning system. Carpets, furniture, cars, drapes, and appliances all collect dust and other particles. Along with affecting an item's appearance, they can affect a person's allergies and overall health. Central vacuum supplies make it possible to reach spots that may have been missed by vacuum cleaners in the past.

A typical vacuum can handle the carpet, and sometimes the floor, without much of a problem. However, even those machines with basic attachments are not equipped to cover an entire room. Likewise, handheld vacs designed for use in small spaces are not right for ridding items such as DVD players and car stereos of dust.

Uses for Central Vacuum Supplies

As self-proclaimed cleaning gurus hock the latest and greatest contraptions on late night infomercials, vacuum manufacturers are doing their best to stay ahead of their competitors. Central vacuum supplies such as the automatic dustpan represent the latest in technology. It allows dust to be swept directly into a Central Vac, leading to a cleaner room by effectively disposing of everything that was swept. The Mini Mate can be used in cars, on stairs, or in tight corners. Also, the Turbo Cat is considered to be one of the finest edge cleaners on the market.

These and other Central vacuum supplies can be viewed on the Internet or in catalogues. It is also possible to order vacuum bags and replacement parts. With a combination of Central vacuum supplies it is not difficult to quickly increase a cleaner's power and effectiveness.

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