Central Vacuum Systems

Written by Michael Federico
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Central vacuum systems are more than just vacuum cleaners. Produced by several different manufacturers, central vacuum systems are multi-purpose cleaning units. Often, they are used in industrial or corporate settings. They provide a lot of power, they last a long time, and they can cover a large area in a relatively short time.

There are also central vacuum systems, such as Hayden's Super Vac Premier, that are perfect for estate sized homes. It serves as vacuum, steam cleaner, air purifier, and multi-port edge cleaner. It can function in and outdoors, and with certain attachments and accessories the number of functions it performs significantly increases.

Accessories for Central Vacuum Systems

With the simple addition of a Vac Sock, central vacuum systems can effectively treat wood, furniture, upholstery, and flooring. If one wanted to take their central vacuum system out of the house, they could employ the use of the Mini Mate to clean their car's interior. The Turbo Cat can tackle sharp edges, and the Automatic Dust Pan allows dirt to be swept directly into the central vacuum system.

Prices for central vacuum systems can run into the thousands. However, some of the those on the lower end of the power scale can be found for between $500.00 and $600.00. Central vacuum systems can be viewed, researched, and purchased on the Internet. There are also ways for an owner of an average sized home to achieve something relatively close to a central vacuum system by combining a high-end vacuum cleaner with the right accessories.

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