Clean Homes

Written by Dina Kayed
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A clean and neat house is a blessing to come home to after along day at work. It can enhance your enjoyment of your home. As far as housework is concerned, little and often is a much better policy than a major cleanup every now and then. It's best to try not to leave it till the dust and clutter becomes unbearable. Don't become a victim of the illusion, believing you will not be able to find a thing once you clean up.

Keeping a Clean House

Keeping your house clean and neat should be a family project. Each family member should get into the habit of putting coats, shoes, backpacks, briefcases and even keys in their places. Each person should help by cleaning out their own rooms. Other chores should be split equally between them. Do not let junk mail, newspapers and unwanted magazines collect in huge piles all over your home. Once they are finished with, recycle them.

It helps to remember that when the exterior of your house is clean, it helps keep the inside clean as well. Washing your house a few times a year will limit the amount of dust going into your home. Make sure you don't have peeling paint around the house because it tends to blow inside. It can be helpful to have some kind of cleaning schedule, because this way you will actually reduce your housework.

Many things around the house do not need to be cleaned every day. As long as they are cleaned periodically they will be fine. The refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, curtains, furniture and blinds all need to be cleaned occasionally depending on usage. It's very important to keep them clean though, for a healthy home environment.

Vacuuming is a job that will need to be done on a very regular basis. High traffic areas, such as your front hall and living room will likely need to be done every day. Vacuuming up dust and particles will ensure that your house always looks neat and smells clean, and it will also prolong the life of your carpets.

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