Commercial Backpack Vacuums

Written by Dina Kayed
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Commercial backpack vacuum cleaners are efficient cleaning machines that help provide a cleaner and healthier working environment. They work for cleaning commercial carpeting and office chairs and sofas. Commercial backpacks can easily clean stairs and blinds, too. Air conditioning vents are another job for a commercial vacuum instead of one designed simply for home use.

Commercial Backpack Specs

A commercial backpack vacuum cleaner does not have belts, brushes or beater bars. A long hose is attached to it, and it has filters that capture even the smallest particles of dirt. This is precisely why the food industry uses them, because there is no beater bar for food particles to get stuck to. They are very high performance cleaning machines in general.

Backpack vacuum cleaners are ideal for cleaning ceilings; their long hose makes it easy to reach all ceilings. You can even use a backpack vacuum to clean machinery. Backpacks are often used in any industrial setting where there are hard to reach spots, such as high shelves. Theatres use backpack vacuums too, because all equipment, curtains and even lights can be cleaned with the same tool.

Commercial backpack vacuum cleaners can easily withstand heavy everyday use. They are designed so that the weight of the vacuum cleaner is distributed on both the shoulders and hips of the person carrying them, to make them as easy as possible to carry. Most backpack vacuums are very lightweight and so will not cause pain to the back or shoulders. For obvious reasons, it's better to buy a backpack vacuum that is vented backwards rather than down.

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