Dust Mite Control

Written by Dina Kayed
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The dust mite is a very small creature; it cannot be seen with the naked eye. They feed on shed human or animal skin scales, dust, pollen, fibers and fungus. They are not good-looking creatures at all; if people could see them, they would probably be terrified. Dust mites are from the same family as spiders and ticks.

Dust Mites Are Busy Little Creatures

Dust mites do not harm human beings in any way whatsoever, unless a person is allergic to them. Mites do not bite human beings or transmit illnesses in any shape or form. However, most of us don't like to think of them being all around us in our carpets and beds. However, they live all around us in our houses. They can be found in furniture as well. Wintertime is when they commonly increase in numbers, simply because there is not enough fresh air in the house at that time of the year and they thrive in such conditions.

These little creatures have a very short life cycle. Believe it or not, they only live up to two months, but they sure have babies fast. The female dust mite lays eggs every three weeks. These creatures love humidity because this is the way they get the moisture they need, by absorbing it from the environment around them.

The good news is that killing dust mites is very simple indeed. All you have to do is use your washing machine and wash your bedsheets, covers and pillows. You can also wash your curtains. You might want to use your vacuum cleaner to vacuum and maybe wash your carpets as well. Vacuum your furniture to make sure you have no dust particles or pet hair anywhere. After a major cleaning session like this, you can be confident that dust mites are gone.

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