Free Vacuum Bags And Belts

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Some new vacuums will come with free vacuum bags and belts. Some will not. Most will not come with free vacuum bags and belts, but these important accessories are readily available and they are cheap. Bags and belts are the parts that need replacement most frequently, so it's a good idea to keep a good stock of them in your home. Luckily they are very affordable.

Free Vacuum Bags And Belts?

While it may be true that free vacuum bags and belts are only free at time of purchase, replacements are necessary and are extremely affordable. New purchases of some models include a starter supply of bags and maybe an extra belt. The Ultra Lite, for example, comes with a filter bag that is triple ply to reduce dust and other allergens. The Miele Solaris uses a 2 layer dustbag to help keep air clean.

Like all things, eventually the included bag will wear out. When that happens, there's no need to worry because replacements are cheap. Sets of replacement Miele bags can be bought for less than $15 and shipping is free and fast. Replacing your vacuum bag frequently will reduce allergens in your home and keep your air healthy.

Replacement belts are available as well. The best place to get them is from an online representative that offers free shipping and technical support. Free vacuum bags and belts are not truly free, but they are absolutely necessary and you will need them.

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