Hard Wood Floor Vacuums

Written by Dina Kayed
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Hardwood floors are very beautiful. They add warmth and elegance to your home. However, they also need the right care to keep them in great shape. Hardwood floors are popular for the beautiful colors and patterns in each strip. You might have some old oak tree, a majestic maple or maybe a quaint cherry tree incorporated into your flooring.

Taking Care of Your Hardwood Floors

You could use a broom with a very fine end which traps dirt easily to clean your hardwood floors, but it's not as effective as a canister vacuum cleaner. A canister vacuum cleaner is the best way to get rid of all the dirt and dust that, if allowed to build up, will spoil the look of your floor. Look for a canister vacuum cleaner that has rubber around the bottom so it does not scratch your hardwood floors.

When moving your furniture around, make sure you do not push or drag it on a hardwood floor because it will leave scratches. The correct way to move furniture is to lift, then move. A piece of rubber fitted on the bottom of furniture legs prevents scratches. Beater bars in upright vacuum cleaners can cause dents in you hardwood floor, so do not use them. You can instead simply use a brush attached to a canister vacuum cleaner--backpack styles are more convenient for large spaces and are easy on floors.

Do not use water to clean your hardwood floors. It will damage the finish. Just wipe over with a dampened soft cloth. That way you will not end up with any scratches. Direct sunlight on your hardwood floors will ruin them. To prevent damage, you can draw the drapes to add a little shade.

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