Hepa Vacuum Filters

Written by Dina Kayed
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HEPA is an abbreviation for high efficiency particle arresting. HEPA filters were first developed during World War II. These days, HEPA filters are used in all the most sensitive public facilities. For example, hospitals use them in operating rooms. HEPA filters are used in any place where bacteria and microbiological organisms should be eliminated.

HEPA Filters Clean the Air

HEPA filters are made of fiberglass which is also sometimes called micro glass. HEPA filters can last as long as four years. The more you use the filter, the better it is because this kind of filter works better when dirt sticks to it because that makes it harder for smaller dirt particles to pass. HEPA filters help eliminate airborne contaminates.

HEPA filters are very important to use in a vacuum cleaner if someone in the household has asthma. These filters will provide a barrier against dust mites so they will not be able to escape. HEPA filters are helpful for all people with allergies and illnesses. These filters protect the environment and keep it fresh and clean.

In order for your HEPA filter to work, make sure that your vacuum cleaner does not leak. If it does, then clearly the HEPA filter will not work as efficiently as it should. It needs to be in a sealed system to guarantee the best performance. HEPA filters prevent animal dander and dust from being recycled back into the atmosphere. HEPA vacuum filters are the best filters available on the market for people with special needs or those who simply want to enjoy clean, fresh air.

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