Janitorial Equipment

Written by Dina Kayed
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The range of janitorial equipment on sale is so huge it would be difficult to list everything. There is some basic equipment that is essential to any janitor, and the rest is either specialized for the type of building, or not that important. Cleaning products, vacuum cleaners, carpet and floor washing machines, floor polishers, foam extractors, window washing equipment and pressure washers are just a few of the items that many janitors consider essential to their work.

Basic Janitorial Equipment

There are three basic types of vacuum cleaners. The upright vacuum cleaner, canister vacuum cleaner and backpack vacuum. Each type is best suited to a particular purpose. For large expanses of carpet, an industrial upright is probably in order. For curtains and furniture, a backpack vacuum will work best. An industrial canister machine can work best for hard to reach places such as around desks and chairs and floors without carpets. There are hot water and cold water pressure washers which either work on gas or electricity. Foam extractors are great to dry wet carpets fast and very effectively.

Floor machines are used to polish, buffer and burnish floors. Some are operated by electricity, others are battery operated. You can find that some floor polishes that work at very high speeds and others have slow or dual speed. Housekeeping carts come in many designs to hold all the cleaning equipment that is necessary. These carts need to be durable and of a large capacity for any janitorial purposes. Make sure the cart you choose has enough hooks and holders for all your equipment.

Wipers are a big part of janitorial equipment. There are wipers for foodservice, dusting wipers, rag replacements and all-purpose wipers. Value is very important here; make sure your wipers have the ability to handle tough cleanup jobs, and that if possible, they will suit the needs of all your wiping jobs.

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