Oreck Ultra Lite Vacuums

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Compared to Oreck Ultra Lite vacuums are a great bargain. The Oreck Ultra Lite vacuums comparisons have been conducted and the results are in. The winner is clearly Ultra Lite. A brand new Ultra Lite costs about the same as a refurbished Oreck, and the Ultra is quite simply a better vacuum cleaner. Look at the results of the Oreck Ultra Lite vacuums comparison and judge for yourself.

Oreck Ultra Lite Vacuums Comparison

One of the reasons that the Ultra Lite is so comparable to Oreck is that the Ultra Lite was designed with Oreck in mind. The Ultra Lite's design was based on Oreck and special attention was paid to make the Ultra Lite not only more powerful, but lighter too. This is why the Ultra Lite is the strongest lightweight vacuum in the world. Time and time again in head to head comparisons the Ultra Lite has come out on top.

In the Oreck Ultra Lite vacuums tests, the Ultra Lite has proven itself much easier to push because of its lightweight design. This doesn't mean it has less cleaning power though. In fact, the Ultra Lite picks up more dirt than the Oreck. The Ultra Lite does not clog like an Oreck either. Even though it's more powerful, the Ultra Lite actually runs quieter than an Oreck. It also has greater durability and greater filtratation.

The Ultra Lite really is an incredible machine. It is powerful, durable, and cheap. In direct comparisons it leaves the competition in its dust, or lack there of. It only makes sense to go with a better, cheaper vacuum, and with a free in-home risk free two week trial there is no doubt you'll love the Ultra Lite.

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