Oreck Upright Vacuums

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Comparing Oreck upright vacuums shows a wide range of designs and uses. Some Oreck upright vacuums are more like electric brooms than true vacuum cleaners and others are genuinely powerful suction cleaners. The smaller, cheaper models are for use in small areas with little dirt while the larger, more expensive models can tackle just about any cleaning project. Depending on the environment you live in, one of these Oreck upright vacuums may be right for you.

Oreck Upright Vacuums In Your Home

The ElectrikBroom by Oreck comes in two varieties. One has only one small motor and is fit for use on only non-carpeted surfaces. It is very light, only around 6 pounds, and it does employ high filtration sanitary bags. The one motor variety is limited to small, smooth areas and is not intended for heavy cleaning. The two motor type ElectrikBroom is virtually the same but it can also be used on carpet. For as much as these cost and their capabilities, these are not your best buy. Consider an Oreck alternative like the Ultra Lite instead.

For tougher jobs, the XL line of Oreck upright vacuum cleaners is a much better bet. They're not too heavy, just around 8 pounds, and they are much more powerful. The Classic XL has only basic filtration, but the Deluxe and Ultra XL use a much better hypoallergenic system. XLs generally have good warranties and adequate features and accessories. One drawback of the XL series is that the price is a little high.

For upright vacuums, the Ultra Lite is a better deal. Look at the statistics on Ultra Lite vs. Oreck upright vacuums and you can see that the Ultra Lite is a better all around cleaning tool and less expensive.

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