Oreck Vacuum Cleaners

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Oreck vacuum cleaners really are one of the best vacuum cleaners money can buy. Not only are Oreck vacuum cleaners and closely related vacuums like the Ultra Lite powerful and dependable cleaning machines, but their lightweight design makes them easy to use by just about anyone. Even a kid can use them, if you can actually get them to pitch in a little around the house.

What's Good About Oreck Vacuum Cleaners

Dirt, mites, pet hair, and other foreign matter can all cause allergic reactions in people and animals. Ultra Lite and Oreck vacuum cleaners combat this by incorporating an air filtration system that eliminate almost all allergy causing materials. Breath easier and live better with Oreck vacuum cleaners in your home.

Oreck vacuum cleaners feature some incredible brushes for deep down cleaning. Brushes on Oreck vacuum cleaners spin at over 6000 rpm, double the speed of other brands. But Oreck vacuum aren't louder as you might expect. On the contrary, their incredible design makes them quieter than most other brands so you won't wake the baby or bother the neighbors with an Oreck.

Another Oreck feature is warranty. Oreck vacuum cleaners are backed by one of the best product warranties in the business. But what really sets Oreck apart is its lightweight design. Oreck vacuum cleaners are just as powerful as bigger, heavier brands and they only weigh eight pounds! No need to be limited by vacuums that seem more like a small car than a home cleaning tool. Vacuuming doesn't even have to seem like a chore anymore with Oreck on your side. You might just want to take vacuuming off your list of chores so you can keep it to yourself and give tough jobs to your spouse or kids.

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