Panasonic Vacuums

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Panasonic is a name most people trust, and Panasonic vacuums are no exception. Panasonic vacuums are well built and designed to last. Panasonic makes vacuums that are affordable for just about everybody. Low cost and quality are what Panasonic vacuums are all about. Compare Panasonic vacuums to other brands and see just how much you can save.

Panasonic Vacuums Are Low Cost And High Quality

Panasonic makes an upright HEPA vacuum for under $150. It has a very powerful motor but runs very quietly. Its multi-stage filtration system keeps the air you breathe clean and pure. Its tools are on-board and there are many additional attachments you can purchase to suit any home cleaning project. One drawback is that Panasonic vacuums only have a one year limited warranty.

Panasonic also makes a lightweight vacuum for convenient use in your home. The lightweight design is also powered by a strong motor and features the Panasonic Clean Air System. This model features changeable wands, various tools like the one for crevices, additional brushes, and hoses. It has an attachment for greater reach as well. It's price is low, just $100 but it also only has a one year limited warranty.

The Panasonic MC-V7312 is similar in capability and price to other Panasonic vacuums. For additional convenience many Panasonic vacuums can be shipped directly from the manufacturer to your home. This model costs around $150 currently but can be purchased at sale prices for around $110. All Panasonic vacuums are good overall bargains because they are powerful and durable, but the limited warranty is a major drawback.

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