Powerful Vacuums

Written by Dina Kayed
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The most powerful vacuum cleaners are those used for industrial purposes. They have many times the power of an ordinary vacuum cleaner used at home. Dust and mold are not really the main concern when using powerful vacuum cleaners (as they are at home). These are used to clean up huge problems. Usually they are designed to be used to contain any objects or substances which are threatening to both human life and the environment.

Features of Industrial Vacuums

Powerful industrial vacuum cleaners should have a fully enclosed system so that nothing can escape back into the environment. All substances are efficiently isolated in this way, then disposed of in the proper manner. This last point is very important. Failing to dispose of toxins or environmental hazards in the correct way is a federal offense and highly irresponsible.

The filtering process is very complicated in an industrial vacuum cleaner, because only a highly efficient filter system will ensure that no harmful particle is recycled back out into the air stream. The filtering system typically consists of many stages. There are different filtering systems for powerful vacuum cleaners but one thing they usually have in common is the initial filter, which is the cyclone separator. Here, all substances are immersed in water. After that, a reverse pulse of high pressure air makes sure no substance is left in the air stream. Often a fourth stage is then added to make sure that nothing at all has escaped.

Powerful vacuum cleaners help reduce the number of harmful substances in the work place. Hazards can be greatly reduced and safety records can be increased with the use of an industrial vacuum. They should also do an excellent cleaning job for smaller tasks, leaving workers with a clean, safe environment.

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