Refurbished Oreck Vacuums

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Shopping for refurbished Oreck vacuums can be a trying experience. Oreck is very recognized name in vacuum cleaners and their products are very high quality. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a new vacuum cleaner. Price constraints leave a lot of folks clamoring to find refurbished Oreck vacuums. The problem is that there just aren't too many out there for sale. Don't sweat though, there are options.

Refurbished Oreck Vacuums And Other Options

While they may be somewhat difficult to locate, there are a few refurbished Oreck vacuums out there. The Internet is one of the few places where they can be found. Refurbished Oreck vacuums are different prices depending on the model. A refurbished Oreck CVR-4000 will cost around $150. A refurbished Oreck XL-9100 will run about $175, as will a 9100H. If these prices seem slightly high for refurbished vacuums cleaners don't fret, there is another option.

The Ultra-Lite vacuum is very similar to Oreck models. It is a high quality vacuum and not very expensive. Rather than purchase refurbished Oreck vacuums, you should consider buying a brand new Ultra-Lite for about the same price as the refurbished XL-9100. The Ultra-Lite is a top selling lightweight vacuum because of its quality construction and affordable price tag.

The Ultra-Lite is comparable to Oreck in virtually all categories. It gets up just as much or more dirt. It is lighter and therefore easier to use. It is quieter than Oreck vacuums, especially refurbished Oreck vacuums. It is tougher and will last longer and the Ultra-Lite will not clog. The Ultra-Lite is a great alternative to Oreck.

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Ultra lite vacuum

I am interested I'm the "cheaper" ultra lite vacuum that you compared to the oreck, however, you gave no details as to what make, model and brand it is. Please advise. Thank you.