Upright Vacuums

Written by Dina Kayed
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Upright vacuum cleaners are used in most homes. They are preferred by many homeowners because they are strong, effective, and are able to vacuum large expanses of carpet quickly. Upright vacuum cleaners are larger than canister vacuum cleaners and a little heavier to move around. Newer models of uprights tend to have many attachments and accessories.

Benefits of Upright Vacuums

There are many parts involved in an upright vacuum cleaner. Basically, there are the same components that you would find in any vacuum. You have a motor, a motor brush, a brush holder, fan, hose, power cord, filter, dust bag and a handle. Most upright cleaners have disposable dust bags.

You can easily fix an upright vacuum cleaner if you know how to take the parts apart then put them back again. Make sure you unplug the vacuum cleaner first, then turn it over to unscrew it. Take the roller brush out, then the engine. You should be able to fix simple problems yourself.

Upright vacuum cleaners can scratch hardwood floors, so don't use one to clean your wood floors unless it a facility to enable it to switch between bare floors and carpet. You might find it difficult to vacuum thick carpets with an upright, because the rotating brush will provide a lot of resistance. Remember that an upright will ruin carpet fringes, too

These vacuum cleaners are not designed to clean tight spaces. Carrying them up and down the stairs is not a very good idea because they may cause back pain or some kind of accident. Uprights have powerful engines which makes them very efficient at collecting dust and particles that are too small to be seen by the naked eye. Uprights also have good filtering systems to hold all dust mites and other allergens. A smart alternative can be a backpack vacuum with a strong motor.

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