Vacuum Attachments

Written by Dina Kayed
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There are a host of different vacuum cleaner attachments, each one having a special purpose, that you may or may not find available with any particular vacuum model. Vacuum cleaners have special compartments to keep these attachments in place so they do not get lost. Attachments are good to have, as they will help you get the maximum use out of your vacuum cleaner. If your vacuum cleaner does not have any attachments, you may have to buy another one for all special tasks you need to do.

Which Attachments to Choose

A pet pin comb is a very helpful attachment for pet owners. It will help you comb your pet and at the same time, it will collect all falling hairs and dander. You can groom all kinds of pets with it, provided they're not scared. Another nice attachment would be the wacky vac. It cleans your computer keyboard between those little buttons. It is very soft so it will not scratch your keyboard. Some computer manufacturers don't recommend them though, so take care.

If you have vertical blinds in your home, look for a vacuum cleaner that has a vertical blind tool. Cleaning your blinds with it will be so easy and fast. It is very hard to clean underneath or on top of your refrigerator, but an attachment called wonder wand can help you clean under heavy objects easily and you won't have to move them.

A slide-on brush can help you clean your curtains and furniture. It is very soft so you don't have to worry about it ruining anything. A little dust brush can help you clean your furniture as well--horsehair brushes work well. It can even be used to wipe dust off of your television; you can also use it to dust your special lamp shades that can't be wiped with water.

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