Vacuum For Stairs

Written by Dina Kayed
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Of all the areas of a house, vacuuming the stairs gives the most people the most trouble. For the elderly or frail, vacuuming the stairs can actually be dangerous. At best, it is difficult and tiresome. The best solution for stair safety while vacuuming is something light and maneuverable that has no cord for anyone to trip on.

Vacuuming Your Stairs

For this reason, a cordless model is probably the best tool for vacuuming the stairs. The machine, however, should also be lightweight. Anyone can carry it easily with no danger of the weight knocking them off balance. Unfortunately, some handhelds just don't have the necessary power to handle highly trafficked stairways. As an alternative, some people use backpack models.

A central vacuuming system can be good for stairs, too, as the hose is all you have to look out for. Of course, no one in their right mind would try vacuuming the stairs with an upright, and unless you only have two or three stairs, the hose on an upright wouldn't be long enough to reach all your stairs. A portable model is called for, but it pays to find one with enough power to be effective, and the right tools and accessories to help you get in the corners and edges of stairs.

So if you have an upright, your only solution is to have some secondary form of vacuum cleaner for the stairs. Since a lot of people don't have the room (or patience) for two vacuums, it can pay to purchase a convertible model. Having the ability to change between a canister, a backpack, and a straight suction model can be a real convenience.

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