Vacuum Suction

Written by Dina Kayed
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The kind of service you get from your vacuum cleaner all depends on the level of vacuum suction. Even a weak vacuum cleaner will pick up the larger debris and dirt you can see easily, but only a good one will get out the not-so-easy-to-see dirt that could be damaging your carpet and your atmosphere. Most people think that dirt is just a fact of life, and it won't hurt you. This is not so at all.

Suction Is Key

The very fine dust and dander that is produced by animals can pollute the air we breathe. For anyone, this can make the atmosphere unpleasant, but for someone with serious allergies, it can be downright unhealthy. Not to mention the fact that animal hair is often left behind by weaker vacuum cleaners and it can really spoil the look of your home, and even smell bad.

Sand and grit are two other culprits. They probably won't hurt you, but they'll make short work of the life of your carpet. When you walk around on your carpet, the pile is agitated. Sand and grit act like tiny knives, sawing away deep down beneath the surface. They will ruin the appearance of your carpet, even if it was expensive, unless you regularly use a vacuum cleaner that is powerful enough to get at even ingrained dust and grit.

As a final advantage, using a powerful vacuum cleaner will keep the pile of your carpet looking fresh and new. With a weak, ineffective vacuum, carpet pile tends to flatten with time, and this traps dirt and dust underneath. In no time, you can have a vicious cycle on your hands.

The dirt sticks the pile down, and then the vacuum cannot do its work, so more dirt makes the pile even flatter, until you need to replace your carpet. A good vacuum cleaner can leave your room looking far more pleasant and significantly extend the life of your carpet and expensive rugs. Just one point here, though--if you have expensive rugs, make sure you don't use a powerful upright vacuum cleaner over the fringes, as you may damage them.

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