Vacuum Supplies

Written by Michael Federico
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Vacuum supplies are no longer limited to extra bags, belts, switches, cords and replacement motors. Major brands like Hoover, Kirby, Electrolux, Panasonic, Sharp, and Regina offer accessories for every style and model of their vacuum cleaners. Vacuum supplies can give a handheld vacuum the power of an upright, an upright the flexibility of a handheld, and they can turn a standard canister into an industrial-strength cleaning machine.

Even though new vacuum supplies are introduced every year, more traditional products can still be found. If extra bags or a replacement motor are, in fact, the only things one requires any of the leading manufacturers can easily supply a customer with what they need. However, as people realize the benefits that the latest vacuum supplies provide, high tech attachments and filtration systems are beginning to flood the market place.

Innovations in Vacuum Supplies

HEPA filters have found their way into homes all over the country. Some are simply free standing, while others are part of a larger appliance. Vacuum cleaners have not been left out of the revolution. HEPA, which stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters, is a major marketing point for some of the newer vacuums. They are said to remove dust and particles from the air or carpet, ultimately reducing allergies and helping people breathe a bit easier.

Vacuum supplies such as Eureka micron filter bags adhere to a similar principle as air filters. They trap particles that are often missed by standard vacuum bags. Along with the bags, there are brushes and hoses that enable a cleaner to extract dirt and dust buried deep in a home's carpet or upholstery.

Available Vacuum Supplies

Every brand offers a different set of vacuum supplies. However, most carry attachments that allow a vacuum's reach to stretch beyond the length of its cord. Whether it is Micro Tools, Mini Mates, or edge cleaners, something can be found to vacuum the hardest to reach the corner in the house or car. Also, hoses come in enough lengths to wind around furniture and even make their way up the wall.

Years ago, the Wet Vac made its way onto the scene, permanently altering the idea of what a vacuum could or could not do. There are now vacuum supplies that allow some high-end machines to function as extractors, with shampoo and all.

Buying and Ordering Vacuum Supplies

As with most things, the newest vacuum supplies are often the most expensive. When buying products for a new or old cleaner it can be helpful to search the numerous sites on the Internet dedicated to vacuum supplies. Certain sites carry certain products at a lower price. For instance, a site might feature generous discounts on Electrolux bags or belts.

The Internet can also be useful if there is a product that doesn't seem to be available anywhere. Several websites allow a customer to order a product that is unlisted. If the product can be found, the company will track it down and provide it to the customer.

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