Vacuum Systems

Written by Dina Kayed
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There are a number of vacuum systems on the market that serve a variety of purposes. The first choice you will need to make will be whether to purchase a model designed for commercial or home use. For a small commercial area, a home model may be all that is needed, and can save storage space in the long run.

The next decision to make regards the model. There are canister models, uprights, straight suction, handheld, and backpack varieties. While most vacuums sold today are uprights, these are actually the bulkiest and most difficult to maneuver. Investing in a model that is convertible (such as canister to backpack) can help you get the most use out of your machine.

Useful Attachments

While most shoppers consider them to be an afterthought, vacuum attachments really determine how often you will use your machine, and how effective it is. It is good to have a number of attachments for simple household cleaning, with a brush being highly effective for cleaning furniture and upholstery. A carpet brush can improve the usefulness of your vacuum twofold.

Pet owners sometimes are able to utilize their vacuum to perform pet grooming chores. With the right attachments, pets can be cleaned gently, helping to remove dander from the air. For families with members who are allergic to pets, regular grooming is a must, as is regular vacuuming to remove pet hair and dander from the home.

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