White 3300 Embroidery Machines

Written by Seth Cotterell
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White 3300 embroidery machines are top of the line computerized embroidery systems. The complexity and sophistication of White 3300 embroidery machines is staggering, but they are so easy to use anyone can embroider with the 3300. White, part of the Viking Sewing Machine company sells the 3300 at very reasonable rates through authorized dealers online. Try one out for yourself, you will love it.

What White 3300 Embroidery Machines Have To Offer

The 3300 comes direct to you equipped with 60 built-in patterns and even more frame and border combinations. It also has a large embroidery area and several alphabets to choose from. You can customize the script style and size as you see fit. Included for free is a set of Disney embroidery patterns the whole family will love.

The touch screen LCD display makes White 3300 embroidery machines convenient to use and simple to understand. For even more convenience, the 3300 has a quick set bobbin system and automated needle threading for fast set up. With instructional video and CD ROM included and user friendly software and display there is no easier system to use than the White 3300.

White 3300 embroidery machines come with three hoops included; small, medium, and large. Adjustable font size, built-in patterns, built-in frame and border, built-in threader, a project timer, and sequence indicator are only some of the many features of this incredible machine. With a solid warranty and reasonable price, it's no wonder White 3300 embroidery machines are so popular with professional seamstresses and novice sewing enthusiasts alike.

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Jenifer Watson

Cool article I love the explanations, ) really for dummies.. Anyway, this is an informative post and I enjoyed reading it.Embroidery Digitizing

having trouble 3300 white

I am having a problem it keeps telling me thread is broke on bottom but I can't get it to pick up bottom thread .I cleaned out,changed thread on bobben, can't find out why it won't pick up bottom thread.


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Computer embroidery machines work off a programmed digital design that is either submitted to the machine's computer or transmitted to the machine from an external computer. The design must be within the size that the machine is capable of producing and in a format that it recognizes. In many cases, the design is programmed directly into the computer embroidery machine either through a memory card or computer disk, but some machines connect directly to a standard laptop or desktop computer.Embroidery Designs


Machine embroidery is an embroidering process whereby a product or embroidering machine is used to create styles on materials. It is used over the counter in product marketing, business promotion, and consistent accessory. Enthusiasts also machine embroider for personal regular sewing and art tasks.There are two main types of machine embroidering. The first, free-motion machine embroidering, uses a primary zigzag machine. The second, automated machine embroidering, uses an embroidering machine or sewing/embroidery machine.Custom Embroidery

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white #33oo

I am selling my white with all the accessories , plus 5 cards and an embird box embroidery hookup and its discs. I also have several cd's I made of various designs. Where would I go to look for a resell price

How much are you asking for

How much are you asking for your white #3300 machine?