Air Coolers

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Air coolers can be lifesavers in hot deserts or high-humidity rainforests. In homes and offices, they can make the difference between just sitting--in misery--and feeling comfortable enough to continue our work or activity. Sitting on the veranda with some ice tea so cold the condensation on the glass is rolling down, might ease you through a scorching afternoon, but it won't get work done.

Homes have windows that can be opened for some air, but on hot days, there is no air circulating, or if it is windy, the air is still searing. Offices are often windowless spaces with cubicles that cut down on airflow. Portable air coolers that lower temperatures by 10-25 degrees can bring a room back into the comfort zone.

Air Coolers Lower the Temperature

Using a negative ion air filter system, portable air coolers can cool 200 square feet, or approximately, a 10 x 20-foot area. For a small unit that can be moved from place to place, this is pretty effective! Not only are these units portable, they can be operated and adjusted by remote control.

By blasting cool air from a large water and ice tank, these units even out the warm areas that any air conditioning system leaves in a large office area, especially one broken up into individual offices. They are small enough to be placed out of the way, wherever they are needed. These air humidifiers and coolers could be situated temporarily or semi-permanently, according to the needs of the employees.

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