Air Humidifiers

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Air humidifiers come in many sizes and use many methods to bring welcome moisture to dry rooms. They all, however, make desert living bearable for homes and offices, and relieve the dryness in overheated rooms in winter. Dry skin and dry mucous membranes cause irritation and system upsets that can lead to illness.

The level of humidity in the air we live in can make us comfortable or miserable. Too much humidity gives us that sticky feeling that makes us feel like taking a soothing shower. Too little, on the other hand, makes us itch, gives us dry eyes, and makes our lips chap.

Air Humidifiers to the Rescue

The best air humidifiers are convenient to use; portability is a top priority for these machines. Everyone has had the experience of sitting in cold or warm spots in air-conditioned homes and offices. Any heating or air conditioning system is uneven in its output, so air humidifiers that compensate for these variations are perfect. By evening the output of other air or heating systems, humidifiers can make those corners and small areas comfortable to work in.

Portable humidifiers bring fresh air into a workplace or home by using the water in a spacious reservoir and the ice in a tank. They blow the cold air through large, louvered openings. These air coolers are quite effective, especially since they can be moved from here to there, wherever the need is greatest. Keeping the balance of humidity just right--or adjusting it if it isn't--can make the difference between an effective group of employees and a group whose efficiency is lowered because of an unpleasant work environment.

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