Antique Crocks

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Antique crocks bring a distinctive air to a room, as if they were created ages ago. Instantly recognizable, the antique look conjures scenes and sentiments from the past, perhaps a time we associate with greater tranquility. These ceramic crocks beautify their corner of the kitchen, or their niche in an office through their lovely colors and sentimental settings.

Some crocks have a "stressed" look, as if they were an ancient urn that had been cracked, but held together without completely shattering. These are not decorated with any design, but rely on the pattern of crack lines for effect. Other water crocks have more of an old-fashioned look, with muted colors on roses, cottages, fruit, and flower arrangements.

Antique Crocks Beautify Any Room

Blue forget-me-nots form a garland around the bottom of one of the antique crocks, with a bouquet of the tiny flowers forming the central decoration. Pink phlox and their leaves create a U-shaped strand of the flowers on another crock. In one of several country cottage scenes, a comfy-looking cottage is tucked among a tangle of various old-fashioned flowers.

Red roses, pink roses, yellow roses--these each create bouquets that look as if they were from a hundred years ago. Red apples, peaches, and strawberries are artistically rendered on various antique crocks so they have the muted colors and style of paintings done in times past. Bird houses with their occupants look handmade, and, like the cottages, lie among the beauty of garden flowers.

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