Bottle-less Water Coolers

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Bottle-less water coolers enable users who do not want to fuss with water bottles to have clean, good-tasting water always available. Compact and extremely effective, these bottle-less water coolers with reverse osmosis systems purify your tap water so you always have a steady flow of drinking water on hand. Just turn on the tap, and your system cleans, purifies, and removes unwanted material from your municipal water supply.

Reverse osmosis is an extraordinarily impressive method for cleansing tap water. The process forces tap water through a semipermeable membrane, which removes from the water supply solids and organic material that cannot penetrate the membrane. This process can eliminate nearly all unwanted matter from water through its effective filtering system.

Bottle-Less Water Coolers Use Existing Water Supply

These water coolers have a sediment filter, a carbon filter, and a U.V. sterilization filter that get rid of almost all solids, lead, chlorine, and bacteria. Naturally, this eradicates the threat of upsets or illness arising from drinking impure water, but it also provides good-tasting, good-smelling water. If you've ever smelled or tasted city or rural water that was downright repellent, you get an idea of how much a reverse osmosis system is needed.

In addition, these bottle-less water coolers have a compressor to supply hot and cold water for your convenience. These units are great for home or office use, especially when there is not a lot of space available for a crock/water bottle set up. You don't need a floor stand or even a counter stand because these filtration systems use your existing water supply.

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