Ceramic Crocks

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Ceramic crocks are part of an ancient tradition of ceramic art techniques that were developed and used thousands of years ago. Ancient peoples discovered that baking their clay creations in an open fire hardened them enough so they could be used in daily living. Once glazing was developed, the higher temperatures of a kiln became necessary.

For centuries, ceramic tiles have been the basis for masterful art in building by the Muslims and Spanish. Ceramic materials were so strong they were used to build sewers; the earliest tile sewer pipes--built around 1800 B.C.--have been found on Crete. Ceramics, in the form of tiles, have been used to beautify and strengthen buildings and other architectural structures for hundreds of years.

Artistic Ceramic Crocks

The same principles used for thousands of years have been used to produce the beautiful, black-and-gold ceramic crocks that are available for water dispensers for home and office. A black background with a graceful swan in delicate white adorns one of these elegant crocks. Another has a golden peacock with its long tail sweeping across the black crock. Others have golden iris and golden, flying birds.

Ceramic crocks in 3-D have embossed designs in relief, so the fruits and vegetables, for instance, stand out from the surface of the crock. Deep red apples are a delicious subject on one crock. Another also has bright red, this time for a red chili peppers motif. There are many, many playful and artistic designs that decorate crocks meant to match your home decor.

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