Ceramic Water Dispensers

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Ceramic water dispensers, or crocks, come in possibly hundreds of patterns from butterflies to angels, and hundreds of color schemes with pastels or bright reds. An ever-popular theme is patriotic--crocks with variations on the American flag along with "God Bless America," or "God Save America," or "United We Stand." Soaring eagles decorate one of these ceramic water dispensers, and a lone eagle is on another.

Yet another favored motif is religious, and these crocks are decorated with adorable angels. On one crock, little angels are with a bunny; on another, they are with hens. For the holidays, there are several designs with Christmas angels, a particularly appealing one being, "Christmas Wish."

Ceramic Water Dispensers Match Decor

A favorite motif for the home is country living, and ceramic crocks have many designs that fit right in. There are several patterns with roosters, or roosters and hens, and others with "Happy Cows" and just cow spots. Coffee pots, cowboys, sunflowers, apples, strawberries--all these are part of life in a country cottage, which is a design on another crock.

A garden motif is another well-liked theme found in many homes. Flowers are sentimental favorites, and ceramic water dispensers have plenty of varied designs. Of course, a country cottage is surrounded by beautiful flowers, and so are the cottages on the crocks. Forget-Me-Nots, magnolias, carnations, roses--they're all on their own special water dispensers.

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