Counter Stands

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Counter stands are perfect for studio apartments or other small kitchen areas where space is at a premium. No floor space? Just place the supporting stand and water dispenser on a countertop or table, out of the way. These compact units let you have your attractive water crocks or mini water coolers in plain view in a handy, but unobtrusive, spot.

These counter stands are meant to be decorative as well as functional, and so they are made in various colors that would match any kitchen or living area. The hardwood version is sturdy and durable, and comes in natural, white, black, navy blue, or dark green. With four substantial-looking legs, this small stand creates a furniture piece that fits any decor from country to modern natural wood.

Metal or Plastic Counter Stands

The metal counter stands also come in colors: copper, white, black, blue or green. The configuration is different from the hardwood stand; this one has three legs with heart-shaped scrolls attached to the dispenser support between each leg. This piece would be a good complement to a more delicate decor, something with a heart pattern, or a country motif.

A countertop plastic dispenser would be a good idea for homes with small children. A floor stand might be tempting to grapple with or it would be handy to use as a pull-up for a baby who is learning to walk. With safety in mind, an unbreakable countertop dispenser could prevent some serious injuries.

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