Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Crocks are a fun and functional way to store pure, clean water to maintain its freshness. From mini water coolers decorated with angels, cows, or many other designs, to full-sized ceramic versions that hold 2 gallons of water, these ceramic crocks add eye appeal to a home or office. Created in beautiful black-and-gold designs, or 3-D motifs, these water dispensers are playful, religious, patriotic--whatever theme you prefer.

In fact, they are so inexpensive, several could be kept on hand and changed according to your mood. Christmas and Easter themes are appropriate for the holidays, with baby bears in Christmas hats, and winter scenes reflecting the season. Whatever your decor, there surely must be a water dispenser that complements it, what with red chili peppers, swans, roosters, cow spots, and fruits and vegetables.

Styles of Crocks

The mini water coolers are matching sets of fully-decorated dispensers and cups, with counter stands. The cup fits under the faucet to give a completed picture to the unit. If, for instance, you love the desert, you can have your mini dispenser with a cactus/mountain/birds scene and your cup with a similar landscape.

Standard crocks have patriotic themes, such as the American flag and majestic eagles. Playful motifs include cartoons, joyful bears, cowboys, and coffee pots. The black-and-gold dispensers are elegant enough to grace any corporation or office, with designs of California poppies, butterflies, lilies, and golden iris.

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