Custom Water Bottles

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Custom water bottles come in various styles to give some pizazz to run-of-the-mill containers for home and office. All are functional, of course, especially those three-gallon containers with spigots that are intended for the refrigerator. Some, though, have added elements to the design that increase their eye appeal, which is appreciated when they must be stored in plain view.

A one-gallon milk jug is opaque white for a clean look, and has a locked cap. A square water bottle has a red handle around the neck and a red cap. Half-gallon mini-bottles come with sport drink, pop-up caps; these bottles are designed to look like the larger bottles.

Custom Water Bottles Add Singular Features

It's amazing how many different configurations there are for water bottles! There is a translucent bottle that is disposable--great for picnics and outdoor gatherings where empty containers need not be carried back home. For easy transporting, many one-, two-, and three-gallon containers have sturdy handles that are integrated into the bottle design so they cannot break off.

Some custom water bottles have smooth surfaces for a sleek look; others have bulging bands around the container to break up the line of the container. Three-gallon plastic dispensers come in stubby with handle, slim, and tall, in case you must conserve space, or just like the look of the containers. Even caps are varied; if you prefer a crown cap, snap cap, evident cap, or simple screw cap, they are interchangeable if the millimeters are the same. Custom water bottles offer many choices for the selective consumer who wants something a little different.

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