Doulton Water Filters

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Doulton is a name synonymous with cutting edge filtration technology. Doulton ceramic water filters sift out virtually all particulate matter, as well as dangerous bacteria. Who wouldn't want his or her water to be made safer at the same time it is made to look, taste and smell better?

Unlike reverse osmosis systems, Doulton filters have no need for a tank in which a limited supply of clean water can be created at a time. The ceramic filter lets as much clean, pure water as you need flow directly from the faucet for you. You can even clean the filters yourself, and not have to buy new filters over and over again.

Doulton Filters Make Sense

Rather than a whole house treatment system, Doulton filters concentrate on the two percent of water that flows into your pipes that is actually consumed by your family. This makes it much more cost effective than those which filter all incoming water, including the other 98 percent which ends up in a sewer somewhere. If your treatment needs demand an entire house system, there are plenty of quality ones available--but make sure you are buying only what you need.

The best way to assess your needs is to know your water. Your municipality should keep records of your local water quality, including the amounts of chemicals, minerals, and other contaminants contained therein. If need be, get a sample of your tap water analyzed by professionals. It is crucial that you know what is in your water so you can pick the best way to get it out of your water.

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