Drinking Water Coolers

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Drinking water coolers are most convenient to have in an office, and a home, because they provide a ready supply of good, fresh drinking water. With the capacity to store two gallons of bottled water--and to hold two- to five-gallon containers--these water dispensers have plenty of water for various uses by employees. In fact, they often come with a mini-refrigerator that workers can use to keep lunches, snacks, and drinks cold.

These hot and cold water coolers obviously supply drinking water, but the addition of hot water makes it a virtual mini-convenience store. Employees can make hot chocolate and tea, but can also create meals from dehydrated foods, such as cereals and soups. This is also a time-saver because employees do not have to go to the snack center on another floor or leave the building to search for snacks

Drinking Water Coolers Are Compact

These dispensers take up little space, especially considering all the features they have. With a height of about 27 to 40 inches, and a width of approximately 12 to 14 inches, drinking water coolers--even with the mini-fridge--are not a problem to fit in any room or office. Considering the versatility they bring to a workplace, they are worth every inch.

There are several styles to choose from, as modern coolers are designed to be attractive and complement the decor. All-white drinking water coolers give a clean look to a room. For a definitely modern look, a round cooler comes in sleek black. For an even more futuristic appearance, there is the triangle cooler in metallic silver.

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