Drinking Water Filters

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Filters for your drinking water come in all shapes and sizes. The keys to selecting the right filter are to know your water and to know your water needs. Your local water plant or helpful water treatment representative can help you with a water analysis, but only you can analyze the particulars of your family's water usage.

If you have decided that your drinking water will be the focus of your filtration effort, then you have already made a key decision. The vast majority of the water that enters your household will never be used for drinking. Rather, it is laundry, showering, dishwashing and toilet flushing that make up the lion's share of your water use.

Filter Only The Water You Drink

Do you want to pay to filter the water that goes on your plants and grass? How much of your budget should go to keeping your dishes free from hard minerals? These questions might seem like no-brainers, but every family's mileage varies when it comes to water needs. Whole house filtration systems are more expensive, but they do make a difference in laundry and porcelain brightness.

If you've decided that a drinking water filter is the way to go, you'll be happily surprised at the range of faucet filter systems that are available for every budget. Many times, your ice maker or wet bar can be outfitted with a filter as well, ensuring that all the water you imbibe will be fresh and pure. Do some research and make sure you pick a filtration system that will help to provide long-lasting health and wellness benefits for your family.

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