Dry Skin Water Softeners

Written by Josh Dodes
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Looking for dry skin water softeners but don't know where to find the right kind of product? If you're like millions of other Americans, you have probably noticed a good deal of municipal water leaves your skin feeling scratchy, abraded and uncomfortable. Are there dry skin water softeners that get the job done without breaking the bank?

In fact the problem with most such systems is more than just the price. What lower quality water softeners do is replace the calcium and magnesium in your water with salts that can damage sensitive skin cells. That means you are free of one problem, and in its place has risen one that is substantially more damaging to your complexion.

The Other Kind of Dry Skin Water Softeners

There is superior technology, and most experts in the field agree a full house filtration system based on carbon bed processes does a far more complete job. The difference lies in what's left in the water once filtration has been completed: reverse osmosis gives you countless salts, the better kind leaves your water free pure without sucking out valuable minerals. If you want to combat combination skin and the ravages of water abrasion, dermatologists recommend using superior filtration.

Get the facts about dry skin water softeners and see why so many of the commercial products you find online do little to solve the problem. If you want a better solution backed by impeccable chemistry, you will need to go with a water softener that works a little better than the salt-based crowd. Saving your pipes and the integrity of all your water-using appliances is just one of the collateral benefits of carbon water softeners.

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