Filter Housing

Written by Devin Flanigan
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The filter housing is the casing that contains the workhorse filter within. The housing is designed to be unobtrusive and fit nicely under a countertop or similar space. A good housing is key to a high performance water filtration system, so choose a housing wisely, as it is never wise to skimp on fundamentals.

For apartment living or unusual space requirements, a countertop housing might be the best solution. The primary drawback to this is of course that all the space saved under the counter is now being taken up above. Still, it is important to remember this option if other housings prove unwieldy for your particular needs.

A Good Filter in a Good Housing

Once all of the parts of your water filtration system are in place, you are ready to enjoy fresh, clean water devoid of particle contaminants. The best filters screen out 99.99 percent of dust and debris to offer you a safe and healthful water supply. Don't forget to use filtered water when making coffee or juices from concentrate, as well as when making ice.

Filters need to be replaced periodically for optimum performance. Your manual or water service provider should be able to tell you what the best schedule for replacement is. Don't be afraid to swap out for a new filter early if you detect a change in the taste, odor, or clarity of your water. Make sure you and your family are always drinking only the best filtered water.

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