Filtered Water Dispensers

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Filtered water dispensers include many types of containers ranging from water bottles to sophisticated reverse osmosis systems. Bottled water is pre-filtered, or purified, and there is nothing else the user needs to do to enhance water quality. Various water dispensers use bottled water in their setup--crocks and water coolers, for example.

For many consumers, however, bottled water seems unnecessary because a water supply is already available--tap water. The problem is, tap water, considered nationwide, is not a reliable source of clean water because of all the sometimes lethal pollutants, such as lead and arsenic. There is a reliable method of cleaning up tap water, and that is through the process of reverse osmosis, which forces water through semipermeable membranes that impurities cannot flow through.

Filtered Water Dispensers in Your Kitchen

Reverse osmosis works its magic with filters of various types and sizes--carbon, sediment, and sterilization filters. These filtered water dispensers fit under a kitchen sink and have an arched faucet that fits above the sink to produce the stream of water. Some of these systems have one-stage filtration, meaning, they have one carbon filter that removes chlorine, and any unpleasant taste and smell.

The super filtered water dispensers may have five stages of filtration that remove sand, chlorine, lead, and bacteria. As reverse osmosis systems are known for the sweet-tasting and good-smelling water they produce, these dispensers also give you this improvement. Care must be taken to replace old filters or the beneficial effects of these systems will be nullified.

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