Ge Water Filters

Written by Josh Dodes
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Faucet-mounted GE water filters have long provided a popular alternative to bottled water and pitcher-based filtration systems. That is no surprise, considering that GE water filters provide clear, safe water wherever you install them. However, there is one significant drawback to all of the faucet-mounted water filters, including those manufactured by GE.

That problem is called scale buildup, and it comes from hard water's minerals building up inside your pipes before water reaches your individual faucets. Over any significant period of time, scale buildup can present a serious problem to even the strongest plumbing systems, by constricting and placing an increasingly severe burden on all of your pipes. If you're serious about protecting your home's plumbing for the long term, then, faucet filters simply will not do.

An Improvement Over GE Water Filters?

On the other hand, the most popular alternatives to GE water filters and other faucet filters are not much of an improvement. These alternatives, called whole house water softeners, remove "hardness minerals" from your water as it enters your home, protecting all of your pipes in the process. Unfortunately, water softeners go too far, because the two most important "hardness minerals"--calcium and magnesium--are in fact integral to our bodies' health.

So what are savvy homeowners to do, when forced to choose between the well-being of their plumbing systems and that of their bodies? The answer is not to choose, but rather to embrace an innovative new approach that uses carbon filtration to restructure minerals without removing them. Such systems keep minerals from building up in your pipes, without keeping those minerals from you. Who says you can't have it all?

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