Harmsco Filters

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Harmsco has been a leader in the water filtration industry since its founding in 1958. When John Harms moved from Ohio to Florida, he put his expertise in the filtration business to work, creating new and better filters and housings so as to deliver the optimal treatment system to his clients. From its humble beginnings as a family concern, Harmsco's commitment to research and development has never wavered, thrusting it to its current position today at the top of the filtration food chain.

Harmsco filters offer a variety of solutions for your personal water filtration needs, allowing you to get exactly the product you need. No more overspending on a system better suited for industrial use, or having to skimp on your family's water needs in order to get a product you can afford. You can get the system that is perfect for you at a good price if you go with a reputable Harmsco dealer.

Clean, Pure Water with Harmsco

The Harms name has always stood for innovation in the field of water filtration. Harmsco was a pioneer in developing the multi-pleated filter, which screens out a much higher volume of particulate matter from water. More recently the company has come out with its highly regarded Hurricane system that has made a big splash in the industry. Harmsco even has pool-filtering technology to make sure that your family is not just drinking clean water, but swimming in it as well.

Do research to find the best distributor of Harmsco parts. Take some time to assess your needs and to have your water analyzed, so you can know which problems need to be addressed. Whether you decide on a drinking water solution, or whole house filtering, you will benefit from the decades of research and development undertaken by venerable companies such as Harmsco.

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