Hot And Cold Water Coolers

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Hot and cold water coolers bring one-stop convenience to your office or home. If you need a cool drink of refreshing water, flip the blue spigot. Want instant hot water for tea or cocoa? Tap into the red spigot for the hot water for your pick-me-up. There's no need to go looking for ice cubes or that tea kettle.

Often, these coolers have a good-sized, two-gallon water storage container, and can accommodate three-, four-, or five-gallon water bottles. This expansive water supply will keep an office staff in water for a while! Hot and cold water coolers usually have compressor cooling, but there are reverse osmosis systems that let you connect directly to the water lines, if you prefer.

All the Conveniences of Home: Hot and Cold Water Coolers

Many of these hot and cold water coolers have stainless steel reservoirs to ensure cleanliness and to provide the most care-free surface. This non-reactive material is easy to clean, but also resists stains and odors because it does not interact with them. If you have children at home, keep in mind that some models have child safety faucets to prevent accidents.

One-stop convenience doesn't just stop with hot and cold water. Some of these units have mini-refrigerators that are also cooled by the compressors, so employees can have food and drinks handy. They can easily store bag lunches, or snacks such as yogurt. Cold fruit juices and soft drinks would be great on a hot, summer day!

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