Written by Devin Flanigan
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Hydrotech microscreens are one of Sweden's biggest gifts to the world. The patented Hydrotech water purification method has been used all around the globe with remarkable results, putting traditional filters and purification techniques to shame. The simple microscreen innovation has helped transform the water purification industry.

When Nils-Ake Persson started Hydrotech in 1984 in southern Sweden, he probably did not imagine that his microscreens would be responsible for purifying water in such varied venues as fish farms and sewage treatment plants around the world. All he knew was that he had developed a superior product, and the rest is history.

Hydrotech Microscreens Remove It All

Getting rid of particulate matter has always been the name of the purification game, but not all filters and screens are created equal. Hydrotech's screens don't use pressure, so there is no danger of the particles being thrown around and forced through the very filter that was designed to keep them out. These screens are also self-cleaning, sensing when they are full and responding accordingly.

Made from recycled materials and with very few moving parts, Hydrotech designs their microscreens to have long lives and require very little maintenance. Never satisfied, Hydrotech even uses information culled from existing installations to help improve future performance. Water purification is serious business, and it is important to go with a proven leader in the field. Hydrotech is the international sign for pure water.

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