Kinetico Water Softeners

Written by Josh Dodes
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Kinetico water softeners, like so many other popular water treatment systems, use salt to remove unwanted minerals from your drinking water. In theory, of course, such a goal should pose no significant drawbacks. The problem arises when the meaning of "unwanted" becomes clear.

When companies such as Kinetico water softeners think about "unwanted minerals," they are invariably thinking about your home's plumbing. Scale buildup and related piping problems are indeed serious issues with potentially drastic consequences. Unfortunately, minerals such as calcium and magnesium are at the same time "unwanted" by your pipes and needed by your body.

A Substitute for Kinetico Water Softeners

Happily, a new type of substitute to systems such as Kinetico water softeners has recently come to market. Based not upon adding salt or removing healthful minerals, but instead upon restructuring those minerals so they don't attach themselves to your pipes, these next-generation systems offer the best of both worlds. Through proprietary carbon filtration technologies, the most innovative new companies can improve the health of your plumbing and your body at the same time.

The future of water filtration has arrived, and if you know where to look, it can be yours more affordably than you might have imagined. Take the time to explore information about these cutting-edge systems, and your only surprise may be how long it has taken you to do so. After all, you do not have to settle for the losing proposition of water softeners anymore.

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