Maintenance Free Water Softeners

Written by Josh Dodes
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Looking for maintenance free water softeners, but not sure where to start? You are in good company. Fortunately, for the first time, you are also in luck. After years of water softener systems that required regular maintenance, a new breed of maintenance free water softeners has finally emerged.

And not a moment too soon: after all, systems requiring homeowners to lug around fifty-pound bags of salt hardly seem worth the effort! Happily, by employing carbon filtration and automatic sediment cleaning instead of salt-based water softening, today's best water treatment systems actually maintain themselves. But self-maintenance is only the beginning of the advantages such innovative systems provide.

Maintenance Free Water Softeners for Health

In addition to being inexpensive and self-cleaning, the premier maintenance free water softeners offer a significant health benefit. Unlike salt-based systems that remove calcium and magnesium from your water as a way of protecting your pipes, carbon-filtration systems physically restructure these healthful minerals instead. The result is drinking water that is both nutritional and safe for even the most delicate home plumbing.

It is no wonder that so many savvy homeowners are shifting away from inconvenient, nutrient-robbing water softener systems. After all, with comprehensive alternatives so close at hand, why should anyone settle for less? I encourage you to make a careful decision to protect your health and that of your plumbing today.

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