Manual Pumps

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Manual pumps are available for water bottles for those who do not want or need crocks, stands, or other water dispensing accouterments. Designed for five-gallon bottles with screw caps or crown tops, these pumps are convenient for many situations where only the drinking water is needed. A temporary water supply is useful for many occasions in which the permanent arrangements in a home or office are not only unnecessary, but unachievable.

Pouring from a five-gallon water bottle would be extremely awkward at social events--and impossible for many--but manual pumps allow any adult to get a refreshing cup of water at any time. Pumps permit the water bottle to remain upright, while water is dispensed via a faucet that comes off the top of the bottle. A lively summer picnic would be a perfect time for a large water supply that comes in its own unbreakable container.

Portable Bottles with Manual Pumps

In fact, five-gallon water bottles with manual pumps would be ideal for any gathering, celebration, or party. Such an arrangement is temporary and can be easily set up almost anywhere, indoors or outdoors. With this convenient size, as many bottles as are necessary could be stockpiled, ready to go.

The big advantage to this arrangement with pumps is portability. The water supply for the group can be carried or transported on dollies or carts, without any thought about accessories. For indoor use, this bottle-with-pump set up would be suitable for a studio apartment, for instance, where space is at a premium. Anyone with children must always be thinking about safety precautions, and eliminating floor stands with crocks and using just the bottle with pump would get rid of a hazardous situation.

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